Frequently Asked Questions

What is GoGenerosity?

GoGenerosity is a software platform that enables us to pay our goods and services forward to those in need. 

Where does my money go?

100% of all gifts received are used to produce goods and services to help those in need and distributed via a Charity Partner. 

How do I see the impact I’m having?

Keep an eye on our social media pages to see the contribution you have made to the local community! 

Is this tax-deductible?

Pay-it-forward gifts are not tax-deductible. For more information please get in touch via:

My company wants to give money to GoGenerosity. Is this tax-deductible? 

Yes. If your business would like to make a donation directly to GoGenerosity this is tax-deductible. Another added benefit is you can also claim on the GST as well. For more information please email

How does my business account for GoGenerosity donations?

We’ve found the easiest way for our existing GoGenerosity business partners to account for pay it forward donations is to keep GoGenerosity donations separate from their retail revenue.

How do I add GoGenerosity to my point of sale system?

Create a product button for GoGenerosity donations

Ensure the GoGenerosity product is set up as a separate sales item for accounting purposes. An example of this is how you would currently sell and redeem voucher sales

Create a tender button for GoGenerosity redeemed

Download our training guide to learn more

How do I receive a pay it forward donation?

Process the pay it forward amount as you would when selling a voucher

How do I redeem a GoGenerosity donation?

When you have accumulated enough pay it forward donations and you’re ready to give your goods & services to your charity partner, simply process items the same as you do when redeeming a voucher.

How do I add GoGenerosity to my accounting system?

Set up a separate GoGenerosity current Liability chart of account

Speak to your accountant if unsure on how to do this

How do I code GoGenerosity donations in my accounting system?

GoGenerosity sales should be coded as a currently liability

GoGenerosity redeemed “donations” should then be removed from current liability and then coded as revenue

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team

I still have questions.

You can get in touch with the team via:


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